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Serving All Over North America Since 1991

The leading supplier of bar Liqueur Pourers
Welcome to Bottles-Up Inc., your one-stop source for a large selection of bar and restaurant supplies and equipment. Over the years, we have moved into many new directions and have worked with some of the most unique and talented individuals around the world. Our mission is to continue to provide the latest, most innovative programs and products to our friends in the industry.

Made in USA
 Patented 3-ball design for consistent, accurate pours with spirits, wines & other liquids. Fits most standard 750ml & 1 Liter Bottles. Made from Virgin Plastic.

  • CONSISTENT ACCURATE POURING - Precision Pour liquor pourers are the most accurate measured liquor bottle pour spout in the world. Period. Our numerous patents continue to lead this industry forward allowing professional bartenders to get rid of the bar jigger for good.

  • MADE ENTIRELY IN THE USA - Our patented Precision Pour measured liquor pourers are manufactured 100% in the USA. BPA FREE. NO CRACKS, NO LEAKS, NO GLUE - like you get with cheap import pourers. Precision Pour gives you a precise consistent pour every time from a quality, American made product.

  • MADE WITH VIRGIN PLASTIC - Our liquor pourers are made with quality plastic that won?t dissolve in alcohol like those cheap, foreign products.

  • PROFIT INCREASES - Stop pouring out your profits with free-flow pourers that destroy your margins. Our customers see an average of 2 to 4 extra drinks per bottle using our Precision Pour liquor pour spouts. Increase your bar profits now with Precision Pour bottle toppers and bar accessories.

  • FITS STANDARD 750ml AND 1 Ltr. BOTTLES - Our measured pour spout fits snugly on standard 750ml and 1Ltr liquor bottles and wine bottles to ensure each individual pour measures the perfect amount of liquid every single time. Talk about a great shot dispenser! Measured wine pour? No Problem! Precision Pour Measured Liquor Bottle Pourers are specifically designed to pour the exact amount of alcohol, wine and spirits only.
Our numerous patents continue to lead this industry forward allowing professional bartenders to get rid of the bar jigger for good. Our pourers are the perfect addition to your catering event, wine tasting or home bartending needs. Our measured pourers are invaluable on a commercial level for alcohol control and inventory control. With Precision Pour liquor bottle pourer bartenders can pour accurate shots without using a shot glass or jigger. This speeds up drink production and leads to great tasting, responsibly poured cocktails. Precision Pour spouts help you earn more money. By reducing over pouring and spills, bartenders can serve two to four more cocktails per bottle. This means that, in most cases, a Precision Pour spout will pay for itself in just one bottle. Then, the earnings continue, bottle after bottle, for years to come.
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