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Precision Pour Spouts Measured Pourer - Green 3 Pack

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MSRP: $60.00
On Sale Today: $20.81
You Save: $39.19
Manufacturer: Precision Pour

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3 Pack Set of Green Precision Pour Measured Pourers

Precision Pours 3-ball liquor pourers
feature quality materials, quality
manufacturing and many new patented

Many measured pour spouts have been on the market for some time
and, at a glance, they may all seem quite similar. That's why
wed like to look closely at just why the Precision Pours 3-ball liquor pour is the finest
quality measured pour spout available.

Quality Materials
Some of the older style pourers are made from recycled,
reground plastic. Our Precision Pours are made using only virgin plastic, a far more durable material. Some older style pours also employ a poly carbonate plastic proven to break down in alcohol. We use no poly carbonates. As a result, a Precision Pour will outlast other styles of pours and continue earning you greater profits on every drink served.

Manufacturing Process
Some older style pours are assembled using messy
glues, and some of these glues have been proven to break
down in alcohol. We assemble our pours using a patented
locking system, avoiding glue altogether. The result is that a Precision Pour is less susceptible to breaking, particularly when removing the pour from a bottle. This saves you replacement costs and keeps the increased profits rolling in.

We offer our pour spouts in five edge-glow colors. These colors look great under normal lighting, reflecting light through the edge of the spout, and they glow beautifully under black light. The colors range from the dramatic watermelon red to the elegant crystal clear. Multiple colors can also serve as a coding system for your bottles. If you're pouring several shot sizes in your bar, consider making each shot size a unique color. You'll find all of our colors pictured on the the following pages.

Patented Improvements
Precision Pours feature numerous
patented innovations, among them are:

A new valve alongside the main cylinder to prevent after-drip and eliminate waste.  

A primer ring to channel liquor around the inner ball bearing for a more accurate pour.

Three ball bearings rather than the old standard two, for a smoother, more accurate pour.

A new bottom design ensuring that the ball bearings will never fall into the bottle.

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Five Stars
SID (0) 2/11/2016 12:34 PM
Worked better than expected. I need to order more....
Precision Pour Metered Spout Perfect for Home
RJ (0) 2/11/2016 12:33 PM
Precision Pour measured exactly 1 1/2 oz - same as jigger. I bought these because my free pours were getting too strong and the jigger was a bit messy. Pack of three was one short of needed for my home bar (scotch, bourbon, vodka, gin) - no real problem. Highly recommended.
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