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  Chuck Rohm is founder, CEO and lead instructor of Bottles-Up,  The Bartending and Flair Bartending Training & Supply Company, which was incorporated in Pittsburgh, PA early 1991. Bottles-Up has paved the way very early on in the industry with new training styles, techniques and product development and has now grown into one of the largest retail bar & restaurant supply companies in the Tri State Region.   Chuck Rohm has appeared in many National and International magazines for his innovative style and training techniques as well as had  appearences at numerous trade fairs and beverage events giving demonstrations, judging, sponsoring and organizing  industry events.

Beginning as a Bartender

Chuck began bartending in 1985 after working his way through the ranks from dishwasher to waiter to cook and then bartender.  "Once behind the bar it all became clear, I knew what I wanted to do".   Chuck began dabbling in flair bartending right from the start. "It only seemed natural to flip the bottles around a bit".  About a year into it the movie "Cocktail" was released and Chuck realized that there were other people out there who were doing this also.  Chuck set out on a mission to find these people and meet to them.  With no sources for information out there, Chuck turned to the internet.  "I wanted a flair store to shop at, a magazine about flair to read". "I wanted to talk to these other flair bartenders who I knew were out there".  Other sports had everything at their disposal, darts, skiing, pool, name it.  You could buy the sport magazines, go to the sport shop even go to the events.  When it came to flair bartending there was nothing of the sort. 

By early 1991 Chuck had his business plan together and was ready to put Bottles-Up into action.  Chuck produced a training video on flair bartending and released it on the internet along with the first version of the Bottles-Up web site.  The original site was to be the place where flair bartenders could  meet and talk about ideas.  The Bottles-Up store gave other inovative flair bartenders a place to sell their own videos and products.  Bottles-Up opened the doors to anyone interested in getting into flair.  "We wanted to provide the information as well as the tools everyone was looking for." 

Training & Consulting

In the spring of 1999 Chuck opened the Bottles-Up training Academy.  Chuck has aquired many years of knowledge in all areas of the bar industry and provides a very structured student training program. Bottles-Up students are recognized  by bar owners for their skills and knowledge.  Unlike other training programs, Bottles-Up will only take 4 students per class and provide total hands-on-training and understanding.  During this time Chuck was traveling Nationally with consulting projects at many National venues.  With an already demanding schedule, Chuck decided once again that it was time to expand.

Bar & Restaurant Supplies

By late 2000 Bottles-Up had begun moving more into the direction of providing the supplies and equipment to the restaurant industry.  With the growth of the internet as well as a retail sales staff,  Bottles-Up has grown out of it's initial warehouse.  Moving forward into 2007 Bottles-Up will be opening a new location in South Carolina.

Over the years since, Bottles-Up has moved into many new directions and has enjoyed meeting some of the most unique and talented individuals in the world.  Our mission is to continue to provide new/ innovative programs and products to our friends in the industry.

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