Larger fins to seal larger 1/2 gallon bottles

1/2 Gallon Size Precision Pourer, Bottle Pour Spout-12 per pk.

Liqour dispenser Precision Pour 3 Ball Liqour Pourers. Control liqour inventory with the best liqour pourer available - 12 per package

Since 1996 Precision Pours has offered bars, restaurants, and home users the highest quality measured pours available.

By eliminating over-pour and spillage, our namesake product, the Precision Pours 3-ball liquor pour,
has helped bar owners and managers the world over increase their profits
by more than $140 million last year alone.

Presicion Pour meansured pourer's are constructed of the finestspace-age plastics so they are extremely durable and immuneto corrosion and wear. The cork features flexiable, graduated finsto assure a leakproff fit on any bottle.

These pourers are the fastest, easiest and least expensive way tocontrol your inventory. Precision Pour measured pourer's pay for themselves on the very first bottle!

Helpful Hints and Facts

1) Keep your pourers clean to insure they continue to work properly. Heavy sugar liquors will build residue and hinder the mechanics of these pourers if not cleaned weekly.

2) Soaking your pourers in soda water overnight will remove only a portion of build-up in the pourers.

Pora-Clean's pressurized cleaning system cleans pourers quickly and throughly. Under normal use, alcohol and liqueurs evaporate in the pourer leaving a sugar residue behind. This may cause ball bearing liquor pourers to stick and plug up the breather hole. Regular cleaning will keep your pours flowing freely and and measure correctly. Soaking pourers is labor intensive and doesn't clean them throughly. The Poura-Clean allows you to clean dozens of pourers quickly and easily with additional trays available. Clean all types of pourers in three easy steps. Fill tray with pourers and attach to bar, then fill base to fill line with warm water. Place tray in base and pump handle. The water gets pushed through the pourers cleaning all sugar residue out.

The best way to thoroughly clean any pourers is is the "Poura-Clean System".
Click to view this item Poura-Clean Pressurized Cleaning System.
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